• Valeria Obregon

Who am I?

A thought I wrote during my time abroad about my identity, still haven't figure out the answer...

“Catrina” (November 2017, Valeria Obregon)

I like to think I am more than my country but being so far away from it, it sometimes seems to be an important highlight of my description. “Hello, my name is Valeria and I’m from Mexico, nice to meet you”, that is usually the first phrase I tell anyone that I’d just met here, but before, it wasn’t like that, before “being from Mexico” wasn’t what made me different from everyone else, or being able to move my hips when I dance or even being loud, because there everyone is. So without all those things that make me different here, what is left? Who am I without embracing my culture and my roots? Is it possible to separate both things? Perhaps it is. Maybe I will find out soon or maybe I won’t...

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