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Long Flight Essentials


Long flights are tough and everyone that has been through them knows it. The best way to deal with long flights is by doing it in the most comfortable way possible.

You could say I have experience with long flights due to the fact that I was studying in Singapore for two years and I came back home on every break. I have had very different experiences on long flights. For example, on my first flight, my mom packed me too many snacks and I had a backpack that weighed so much. Another time, I was going home for Christmas and I totally forgot to plan ahead and I traveled with no money, no food, and no entertainment, it was a long flight.

To save you from all the past mistakes I have made, I came up with my top 14 essentials for long flights.

Essentials on a long flight

  1. Notebook

  2. Planner

  3. Book

  4. Laptop

  5. Phone

  6. Charger & power bank

  7. Headphones

  8. Passport

  9. Wallet & cash

  10. Lip balm

  11. Face cream/lotion

  12. Oil Sheets

  13. Antibacterial

  14. Advil (Ibuprofen)



If you are old school like me, writing your notes and ideas on a notebook just hits differently than typing it on your phone or laptop, so I always have a small notebook with me, where I can jot down those immediate thoughts.


Long flights are a perfect opportunity to get organize and finally put a date to all the items in your to-do list. If you have a digital planner, it works too.


I also really enjoy reading on a flight when I get tired of watching movies on the TV screen. Be sure to bring with you that book you have been wanting to read for a while.


The reason why I added a laptop to my essentials it is because I can get work done with it. Either blogging or homework, it is very helpful to have it with you.

Basics (Must have)


This one is pretty obvious, but I didn’t want to leave it out of the list. As you know on your phone you can do a lot of things on a flight: Listen to music, watch Netflix, write something in notes, play a game, and more.

Charger & Power bank

If you’re like me who stays awake most of the time, you will definitely need to charge your devices such as phone, headphones, kindle, laptop, etc., So be sure to double-check that you have the specific cords for your devices. And even though most planes have a plug, it is very helpful to bring your own power bank just in case, or if you want to charge two devices simultaneously.


If I would rank my essentials, I would definitely put headphones as one of the most important. You will need headphones for sure: for music, watching movies, listening to podcasts, etc. And even though the flights always provide you with some, your own will always be more comfortable. I always go for Bluetooth ones because I can put my phone in my bag while I sleep to keep it safe and still listen to my music.

Passport, Cash, and Wallet

This may seem too obvious but it doesn’t harm anyone to double-check you have all of them before leaving your house, hotel, etc. Cash may not seem important but in my experience is always helpful to have some cash available for any unexpected purchase.

Reusable water bottle

This is one is also a must. And I am aware you cannot bring a water bottle through security that is why you need a reusable that you can have empty and fill it in once you pass security. It is super important to stay hydrated on long flights.

Health & Beauty

Lip balm

During long flights skin and lips tend to get dehydrated so having a lip balm in your bag is very helpful. It is a very small item that will make huge differences.

Face & Hand Cream/Lotion

Be sure to bring your favorite cream and lotion to have your face and hands hydrated during your long flights.

Oil Sheets

This is also essential for me and it is super useful. Oil sheets to remove the extra oil on your face. My favorite ones are Clean & Clear ‘Oil Absorbing Sheets’.

Hand Sanitizer

Planes are used by so many people on a daily basis and even though airlines clean them after every flight is super important to disinfect your hands throughout your flight, every time you can, before eating, after touching the floor, the seat, etc. (re-edit July 2020: and now more than ever a hand sanitizer, as well as a mask, is a not only an essential but a must)

Advil (Ibuprofen)

I would recommend having Ibuprofen in your bag at all times, but especially in flights, it is quite helpful. It is better if you don’t use it, but in case you have a headache, cramps, stomach aches, etc., and Advil can solve your problem momentarily.

This all for today’s post, let me know if you are interested in more travel/flight related posts!



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