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5 ways to easily reduce your environmental footprint!


Hello everyone, I am here again, and I just finished watching the documentary “Plastic Ocean”, and I need to admit I am pretty much shock about everything, about the statistics, about the real situation of the world right now and even though I felt at first frustration and sadness, I quickly thought about changing my mindset to “What can I do?” and “How can I help and contribute a bit?” and that’s why I came up with my idea of '5 easy ways you can help the planet.' So without further ado, let's get into it.

1. Say no to food deliveries.

Instead, cook home or go to the restaurant and eat in dishware they can wash. No need to bring a bunch of plastic to your house. Or if you are sure about asking for delivery at least say no plastic cutlery, you already have that at home!!

2. Carry your own coffee cup everywhere!

It is really easy, I think everyone has a coffee cup lost in their kitchen drawers, just find it and start using it. Or if you are going to drink it at the place make sure they give it to you in a mug and not in a takeaway cup. With this little change, you avoid the plastic in the cup, the lid, and the straw. And in some coffee shops, they give a discount if you bring your own mug so you help the environment and your wallet.

3. Take your own reusable bag when you shop

Take it to shops, markets, supermarkets, etc. Maybe you think you will reuse plastic bags but the reality is that you will maybe use it once or twice before throwing it away and they will stay on this planet for way more time than that, so the best choice you have is to avoid them. Take your own bag make sure it is properly full. Sometimes in supermarkets, they use five plastic bags for like two things, which makes no sense. So bring your own bag and if you don’t have, in most supermarkets you can buy reusable ones for very little. Baby steps. And also avoid the plastic bags for vegetables, are they really necessary?

4. Less car and more walking or cycling

Sometimes we drive to places that we could easily walk to. Or even if they are a little bit farther you can use your bike instead of being stuck in traffic for hours. I am aware that sometimes school or work is really far, but you can start with small goals such as “No car on weekends” or a specific day of the week where you will not use a car. Using public transport is also a way to reduce your ecological footprint.

5. Say no to straws

If you know me in person you probably know that I always say this, but sorry I am saying it here too. SAY NO TO STRAWS, we don’t actually need them to drink ice coffee, orange juice, ice lemon tea, we are perfectly capable of sipping directly from the cup and what better than our own cup This is just a matter of making a habit asking your drinks with no straw. If you really like drinking from a straw there is always the choice of buying a reusable one made out of metal or bamboo, just remember to always carry it in your bag and use it when you go to restaurants.

That’s all for today, I hope you will try at least one tip and include it in your daily life.



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